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Stafford Masie addressed the SAB M S & D Cape Town Conference to high acclaim and here's a typical comment after his presentation to Santam the day after: "You are an awesome public speaker. I only went to bed @ 4am that day, but when you started speaking I was very awake ! Your passion for your subject was felt. Thanks to God for blessing you so richly and thanks to you for accepting the gig and blessing us so richly"

The first public showcase for a speaker I predict will become one of the top international storytellers, was held at Melrose Arch. Zelda La Grange, the late Nelson Mandela's right hand for 19 years, gave an engrossed audience of event organisers, a taste of the story she is now willing to share. Her insights into the man whose life touched and affected hundreds of millions across the globe, is unique, moving, and full of the lessons so many want - and need - to hear.

Adventurer Chef, David Grier, ws invited to address the kew players from Samsung annd MTN on the accission of the launch of the Samsung S5. His tales of success over crazy odds, and his attitude towards life, left most of the audience motivared and emotionally touched.

The Oscar Pistorius trial enters week four. Many of the Famous Faces are professionally involved, including: renowned author, award-winning journalist and serial tweeter (over 88 000 followers), Mandy Wiener ; David O'Sullivan who anchors the nightly Legal Round Table discussion on eNCA ; Bongani Bingwa, Devi Sankaree Govender and Debora Patta.

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Aubrey Matshiqi looks at Zuma's SONA

13 February 2014

Ordinarily, a SONA that coincides with celebrations of twenty years of democracy should be an opportunity to inspire South Africans towards the greatness I know is in all of us. Well, I am not holding my breath.

Herman Mashaba asks "Does SA now have a Labour Government?"

22 July 2013

Statement by Herman Mashaba, Chairman, Free Market Foundation
Does South Africa now have a labour government?

Date:  22 July 2013

I can come to no other conclusion. We now have a labour government in South Africa. In response to my criticisms of our country?s diabolical labour laws, which have caused 7.9 million people to be unemployed according to the latest statistics, I find myself confronted in debates by representatives of labour unions, not the Ministry, or the Department of Labour, or the parliamentarians in charge of the labour portfolio in parliament who are responsible for labour legislation.

How to Choose a Speaker

5 May 2012

Rich Mulholland, founder and CEO of Missing Link reminds that the speaker you select can make or break a conference.


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