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Great feedback for the professional input delivered eNCA new Ancor, Iman Rappetti.  This came from the VIP (Ministers and more) for her role as Programme Director at the SAPIA (The South African Petroleum Industry Association) Conference at The Maslow in Sandton. This was in the form of spoken praise and even hugs and kisses.

Another Famous TV Face delivering at the highest level was popular MC Peter Ndoro at the 21st Anniversary Celebrations of ATNS (Air Traffic and Navigation Services) last week. 

Also part of a 'busy week at the office', Joey Rasdien engineered a laughter-packed Awards event for Alexander Forbes, Ursula Chikane seamlessly guided a thrilled audience through Ford's new range launch and sales guru Bill Gibson delivered an armoury of ideas and tips to the assembled team from Total SA.

On the book front, "Good Morning Mr. Mandela" is the highly-anticipated 'own-story' as written by Madiba's PA for 19 years - Zelda la Grange. The first print run has sold-out. Her spoken story is equally touching. Call us with booking enquiries. +27-(0)11 784 3111

Lewis Pugh - popularly known as the 'Human Polar Bear", will undertake a new expedition next month with his team and the details will be announced in London on 5 August. In the meantime look at the incredible feedback he has received for his corporate presentations over the last month.

If we can help you in your search for a speaker, MC or any form of entertainment, call us on +27 11 784 3111

Stuart Lee, Chief Face Finder


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Aubrey Matshiqi looks at Zuma's SONA

13 February 2014

Ordinarily, a SONA that coincides with celebrations of twenty years of democracy should be an opportunity to inspire South Africans towards the greatness I know is in all of us. Well, I am not holding my breath.

Herman Mashaba asks "Does SA now have a Labour Government?"

22 July 2013

Statement by Herman Mashaba, Chairman, Free Market Foundation
Does South Africa now have a labour government?

Date:  22 July 2013

I can come to no other conclusion. We now have a labour government in South Africa. In response to my criticisms of our country?s diabolical labour laws, which have caused 7.9 million people to be unemployed according to the latest statistics, I find myself confronted in debates by representatives of labour unions, not the Ministry, or the Department of Labour, or the parliamentarians in charge of the labour portfolio in parliament who are responsible for labour legislation.

How to Choose a Speaker

5 May 2012

Rich Mulholland, founder and CEO of Missing Link reminds that the speaker you select can make or break a conference.


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