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  • On Sunday Famous Faces entered its 29th year of supplying the best talent to SA's top companies. What a ride it has been - and continues to be.
  • The enquiries to 'meet and hear' world-beater Wayde van Niekerk continue to pour in. IF ONLY we could clone him to meet the demand.
  • Rich Mulholland is demonstrating why "some Companies Suck BUT Yours Doesn't Need To!"  Currently on a roadshow for a top retail chain.
  • Prodigy drummer Danno Pietersen III turned 14 and celebrated with the announcement he has joined Drum World's list of internationally endorsed drummers.
  • In the last week, the Famous Faces who shared their talent with our clients, included economist Dr. Roelof Botha, broadcasting personality Sam Cowen, diversity champion Teresa Oakley-Smith and fearless journalist Mandy Wiener.
  • The original 'Rogue Trader' Nick Leeson will be in Cape Town on 18 October (no International flights). To hear his infamous story, contact us.
  • Where technology is taking us - and kicking and screaming won't help - with Simon Dingle.
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Wayde Van Niekerk And Tannie Ans Botha Rich Mulholland Dr. Roelof Botha Sam Cowen Mandy Wiener
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Andy Rice gets rave reviews..
Stafford is one of the most exciting and relevant speakers I have heard
Krijay is the best MC we have ever used - Transnet
Ian McIntosh on-site Rugby Insights for our VIPs
Neil Andrews a hit at Race Day
Tessa Ziegler and Mike Pilot pulled all the strings


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"From Hope to Despair - and back again" - JP Landman - Political and Trend Analyst

18 September 2016

"South Africa is a country where you hope on Monday and despair on Tuesday," Alan Paton said in 1985. That was still true in August 2016. The elections at the beginning of August inspired some “Monday hope”. They were a resounding success: overwhelmingly peaceful, well organised, real change affected, results accepted by the losers. These successes were all the more impressive for the dire predictions that preceded them: there would be violence, it would not be free and fair, losers would not accept the result…none of that materialised.

Local Government Elections - "This genie is not going back into the bottle" by Prof. JP Landman

12 August 2016

The poll percentage in this election was remarkably similar to that of the previous local government elections in 2011 (57.72% against 57.64%); but as is now well known, the voters delivered a very different result.

Breaking: Lewis Pugh to address international gathering in Moscow tonight - 09 June

9 June 2016

Lewis Pugh to address international gathering in Moscow on the vital need to Save the Ross Sea in Antarctica


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