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In a business environment, it is important to maintain and grow relationships with other business personnel, valuable clients and potential customers. In order to maintain these relationships, a business needs to come up with creative ways to engage with clientele in an interesting, mutually beneficial way.

One way to engage in this manner is to organize a function for business personnel and clients. In this case a business speaker will be hired to speak at the event, in order to provide not only entertainment value, but valuable information to guests. A business speaker therefore forms part of a business’ efforts to communicate with people, or to launch and advertise the latest business services or developments to potential customers.

Business speakers can address audiences on a wide range of topics, and speakers are obviously selected to complement the nature of a particular business. Business speakers can provide select information to niche market businesses, or address an audience on ways to improve business strategies and enhance corporate culture in general. In light of the current global economic crisis, business speakers also offer a valuable perspective on dealing with financial strain in the corporate sector.

South Africa has a wealth of qualified and charismatic business speakers, who are valued not only for the skills as orators, but for the value they add to corporate events and team building exercises. Business analyst Prof. Andy Andrews, according to local talent management agency Famous Faces, www.famousfaces.co.za, is a well qualified business speaker who specialises in strategy, management and the improvement of business performance. Andrews has been instrumental in establishing Graduate Business programs in South Africa, and is therefore a valuable source of business knowledge.

Tony Frost is also a valued business talker in South Africa, as he specialises in implementing business strategies that incorporate the concept of the Triple Bottom Line. The Triple Bottom Line advocates that people are the most important factor when it comes to implementing effective strategies, and that taking care of the environment is essential to business. Frost also speaks about branding and leadership, which are both important facets of modern business strategy.

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