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If there was ever a time that we needed a good laugh in South Africa, that time is now. The great thing is that despite the unique challenges that we have all faced, and possibly because of them, South Africans have undoubtedly developed the ability to laugh at themselves.  We have such a diverse spread of talent, that holds prime place on the corporates’ shortlist, that we are well-placed to be able to suggest just the right smile makers for any occasion.

It’s all about the right person for the event ! At Famous Faces, we don’t use the ‘blue’ or foul-mouthed comedians as, although we all know THOSE words, we don’t believe that they will find the right reception across diverse audiences – particularly when those audiences are every-day workmates. It might be funny if you choose to go to a comedy club, where you expect ADULT entertainment, but in our experience over more than 20 years, ONE ill-chosen expression from a comedian, can definitely sour the experience for many of the audience members.

From talks that encourage humour in the workplace, from the likes of Stephen Francis who co-created Madam & Eve (http://www.famousfaces.co.za/Artist.aspx?Id=1095&Filter=None&hide=true) to this year’s Stand-Up Comedian of the Year Nik Rabinowitz, new kid on the block, David Kibuuka, or any of the other top quality comedians, there is more than enough great humour just waiting to be shared – and our clients are piling in to take advantage of it.

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