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In the globalised world of today, the potential for greatness and success abounds, but many people are left feeling slightly overwhelmed. In order to gain some perspective on our lives it is important to engage with external sources of value, such as nature, arts, culture or travel.

Other ways of re-energizing our creative and entrepreneurial spirit is to engage with people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and can offer practical advice to those who are in need of motivation and inspiration. These people are generally categorised under the term Motivational Speakers, but in fact what they can offer can be so much more than just a monologue of their personal tragedies and triumphs.

In a more sceptical and better informed world due to the vast amount of information available on the internet, the stereotypical motivational speaker only concerned with a one-way dialogue is no longer applicable. In the fast paced, information saturated world of today, motivational speakers need to offer valuable perspective to corporate audiences, and facilitate beneficial dialogue and impart valuable wisdom. South Africa has a wealth of highly regarded motivational speakers, who draw their inspirational from South Africa’s diversity, and our country’s ability to overcome adversity.

According to talent management agency Famous Faces, www.famousfaces.co.za, Robin Banks is one of these highly regarded motivational speakers. This is because Banks offers his audience the means to develop skills to deal with change and transformation effectively. In South Africa, where change and transformation remain a part of our society, Banks offers his audience ways to empower themselves through tools developed by international authors such as international author John Kehoe, who wrote "Mind Power into the 21st Century".

Steve Barnett is another highly regarded motivational talker in South Africa according to Famous Faces. The reason for this is that Barnett is not an orator, but skilled in inspiring his audience to communicate without speaking. Barnett offers his audience the chance to communicate without sound, by encouraging them to create their own individual rhythm with which to communicate. This motivational NON-speaker therefore inspires by facilitating group interaction and energy through communal consciousness.

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