Aldrin Sampear

Aldrin Sampear is a seasoned broadcast journalist, based in South Africa. He hosts the current affairs programme ‘Unfiltered’ on SABC 3 and the drive time show ‘Beyond The Headline’ on Talk Radio, SA FM’. Mr. Sampear is known for his critical thinking which also finds expression in how direct his questions are with no fear or favour. 
An astounding South African broadcast-journalist, Aldrin relentlessly anchors himself and the audience in ethical, true-story reporting amid faux news-reporting that challenges the profession of journalism. Following numerous jobs at regional radio stations, Aldrin was first seen on SABC TV in 2014 and then as a Senior Political Journalist at eNCA.


Aldrin comfortably see the light side of life while his professional mind is on serious matters; a versatile personality whose intrinsic traits are truth and patriotism.

Aldrin, a Senior political journalist, hosts an LSM 8 -10 Sunday show, ‘Polit Bureau’, at eNCA. His accolades track a career in broadcast media and, being a charitable soul, he co-founded the NGO ‘iThuba’ that is focused on bestowing a chance of exploratory career guidance upon otherwise disadvantaged youth.

Aldrin, also known as “Sir Aldrin”, straddles the old and new having made an indelible mark above-the-line while commanding a whopping following on Social Media.

He represents the anchor that gravitates masses to focal point, having risen from a difficult background to claim his space and success in the rough seas of journalism.