Barrie Bramley

Barrie describes himself as a ‘Curious Disruptor’. He speaks somewhere between 40 – 60 times per year across different industries in different parts of the world, specialising in presenting disruptive thoughts in a business context.

The goal of most conferences includes the need for participants to return to their business and make changes towards future success. In order to change behaviour, people must have a fresh paradigm from which to think. Clients use me to present a fresh set of thoughts to their people, in order to think differently about how they go about their business.

The core of most of Barrie Barrie’s presentations involves talk around Disruption, Change, and Innovation.

The strategic presentations which are most regularly requested are:

  • Flying Unstable – A modern paradox for organisations to embrace
  • The New Normal – There and back to see how far it is
  • Bring on the Digital Evolution – A look at emerging ideas that are taking business beyond Social Media
  • The Next Final Frontier – New opportunities for Customer Experience in a changing world
  • You’re You and I’m Me – Exploring the generational differences between us