Brett St Clair

Brett has over 20 years of experience in the global digital landscape and over 10 years of Silicon Valley experience where he worked to build African successes at Admob (world’s largest Mobile Advertising Network), Android, Youtube, Google and Google’s Cloud Computing across Africa. It’s there that he employed the secrets of Silicon Valley.

Brett St Clair is passionate about Power of Scale and how businesses can use Digital Technology to build businesses that want exponential growth

His most requested keynote talks are:

  • Digital is the Path to Innovation
    So important to understand where digital disruption is coming from and which key technology trends are causing this exponential disruption. To compete, you need to understand what winning organisations look like and how they operate. With Brett’s 10 years of experience working in Silicon valley, businesses across Africa get to share his key insights. Finally the only way to remain relevant to your customers’ ever-changing needs, mean YOU need to innovate. Brett suggests some new ways of working that need your focus during the digital transformation journey. Brett’s insight after rebuilding Barclays Africa’s Digital business means he has real life examples of what goes works – and more importantly – what has failed
  • The Power of Scale
    How to unlock Scale across your organisation, Scale is not about the size of a market or number of servers and staff, it is really about doing far more with far less. The only way to build a business that can grow exponentially is to reorganize for scale. Organising your business to be able to deliver far more Marketing@Scale , HR@Scale, Operations@Scale, Finance@Scale and more to meet the demand of the new economies. Brett says this talk will help you build a business that can grow exponentially (imagine doubling in size every 18 months!)
  • The Era of IOT is really about Selfies
    The world of Digital used to be the domain of Silicon Valley. Now with over 50 billion devices planned to be connected by 2020, the opportunity for a massive, connected and inter-operable world exists for every business across the globe. It is now about leveraging technologies like Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to build the Internet of Things.