Chata Romana

The success of Chata’s workshops speaks for themselves.

How you look is how you feel®. It is not about aspiring to become someone else – it is knowing how to make the best of yourself!” says Chata who was born in Madrid, Spain to Australian parents.

 These seven remarkable words perfectly describe my philosophy. It is not about aspiring to become someone else, it is how to make the best of yourself. Beauty is not simply an external phenomenon, it comes from within – it is who you are. Whether you are a quiet person or a go-getter, a business person or a mother at home, your own individual style is unique.

Chata’s objective is to provide answers to her client’s and audience’s fashion and beauty questions – by using real women to show the way; women to whom you can relate, and about whom you can say: “Yes, I can also look like that!”

A journalist once Chata to describe her business in just two words – “my immediate response was “Glamorous Reality”.  I loved these words so much that I decided to trademark them, and so Glamorous Reality® was born.

From small beginnings, Chata soon became a sought-after speaker. Her Image consultancy proudly empowers women, and men, through Personal Consultations, Workshops and The Makeover Experience.

Publishing also forms an integral part of the Chata Romano business, with four self-published best-selling books and numerous online magazines where her readers get to experience Glamorous Reality™ – the Chata Romano way.

Chata has taken her business global with consultants operating in South Africa, Namibia, Australia and the UK.

Here are a few of Chata’s milestones:

  • Her national workshops have been attended by more than 175,000 women
  • More than 500 blue-chip companies have embraced her vision
  • She was the winner of the Entrepreneur of the year Award and nominee for the Businesswoman of the Year