Craig Joubert

Durban based Craig is a South African professional rugby union referee who has experienced both the highs of refereeing the Rugby World Cup final in 2011 as well as the lows of fierce criticism following his refereeing of a Rugby World Cup Quarter final in 2015. His presentation is a must for any business and addresses such factors as: Dealing with pressure; Coping with Criticism and Managing expectations and disappointments – and he would know as he faces very public weekly performance appraisals from millions of “experts”.

He delves into what really happened at the 2015 RWC after his refereeing of the Quarter Final and shares how he managed through that challenging period.

With video clips (including unseen footage from the ref. cam) his unique take shows audiences what it’s like to officiate on the world stage in front of a global TV audience.

A highly-experienced speaker, Craig addresses corporate audiences, using anecdotes and unpublicised behind-the-scenes goings on around major international rugby matches and finals.

  • Find out how he prepares for a World Cup Final – and how that relates to running a business;
  • How does the way you interact with different captains in international rugby equate to the varied personalities you deal with on a daily basis?
  • How do you deal with split-second decision-making moments – and the potential for fall-out as a result?

And he shares thoughts and principles behind the formal self-review process that follows each game refereed and how this drives improvement.