Dr. Aisha Pandor

Dr. Aisha R. Pandor is co-founder and CEO of SweepSouth, Africa’s first online end-to-end platform for booking, managing and paying for home services.

Her story is one of changing direction completely to follow a purpose that became obvious and impossible to deny. Add to that unwavering tenacity against financial, technical, and marketplace challenges, and now, in 2020, she runs one of the fastest-growing startups in the country.

Aisha is one of only a few black female tech startup CEOs both in South Africa and internationally, Her organisation has become one of and since it was launched in 2014, with her co-founder Alen Ribic, the platform has helped 20,0000 women find work opportunities.

Venture-backed, her company won the SiMODiSA Startup SA pitching prize and later became the first South African startup to be accepted into the prestigious 500 Startups accelerator based in Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

SweepSouth also serves as an advocate for financial and digital inclusivity for women at grassroots level. Partnerships include one with a financial services provider that has resulted in free life and disability insurance for women working on the platform, the majority of whom are single mothers and primary breadwinners. SweepSouth also co-launched the Warrior Project which is a resource for free legal advice and resources for women affected by domestic violence.

SweepSouth placed second in the 2017 FNB Business Innovation Awards held in partnership with Endeavor South Africa. Pandor was the only female founder selected among the ten finalists for the award, which recognises and celebrates creativity, outstanding business innovation, and those that push beyond the limits to develop scalable businesses that can compete globally. The company has also recently joined the Digital2Equal Programme run in collaboration with the World Bank’s IFC and European Union, as part of a global collaboration to use technology to help promote gender equality.

Aisha has acted as a tech startup pitching coach and mentor for SeedStars Africa 2017 and was awarded the Price Check eCommerce Female Entrepreneur of the year award and Black Entrepreneur of the year award for 2016. She was recognised by the World Economic Forum as one of 2017’s 6 African female breakthrough innovators for her work in creating work opportunities and improving access to technology via SweepSouth. She also serves as a board member for the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative, and as Chairperson of BioCiti.

She completed her Ph.D. in Human Genetics and an Associate in Business Management at the University of Cape Town. Following her studies, she worked as a management consultant at Accenture.

The company is part of Digital2Equal, a collaboration with the World Bank and EU that promotes using technology to foster gender equality. Aisha has been recognised by the World Economic Forum as one of 2017’s African female breakthrough innovators.