Dr. Tshidi Gule

Dr. Tshidi Gule – or “Dr. G” as she is better-known, is an accomplished and dynamic keynote speaker on health leadership excellence and the celebrated author of Rough Diamond’, an entrepreneurship and mentorship memoir with in-depth explorations on the power of mentors in fueling entrepreneurs to succeed.

The issues she addresses in her talks are:

LEADERSHIP: Understanding entrepreneurship and mentorship from a South African perspective. Dr. Tshidi Gule’s book ‘Rough Diamond’, gives critical insights based on her 10 year journey as a young entrepreneur.

WELLNESS: South Africa lost R16 billion to absenteeism last year, a third due to illnesses. How do corporate organisations combat these losses? Dr Gule’s expertise in Employee Wellness and Resilience has helped international organisations navigate these questions successfully.

INNOVATION: Dr. Gule has created more than 5 healthy lifestyle models for all age groups and LSMs that match international benchmarks, yet still focusing specifically on the diverse aspects that make South Africa different.

She founded Medispace Lifestyle Institute, a dynamic innovative health leadership enterprise providing multi-lingual health solutions to organisations in South Africa and the African continent.

“Dr. G” is the youngest medical doctor to sit on Corporate Medical Advisory committees within listed organisations in Africa. She was nominated as a Top 20 South African medical professional Health Hero in Longevity magazine – South Africa’s leading health and lifestyle magazine – and received Top Honours at Wits Business School for a New Venture Creation (2010).