Dr. Tshidi Gule MD “Dr G”

“There is no economy without people”

Affectionately known as ‘Dr G’, Dr Tshidi Gule is an accomplished medical practitioner and business consultant who encourages leaders to think differently when tackling employee-wellness issues and is a popular invitee at conferences, wellness days, corporate health events, health product launches – in the role of either a guest speaker of the moderator.

She has successfully designed, developed and deployed health models for multiple sectors within South Africa for more than a decade. She is the go-to business advisor with regards to workplace Covid-19 matters, supporting business leaders through strategies that reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on operations and business continuity.

Dr G’s commitment to excellence has inspired decision makers to re-engineer their employee-wellness models, which has proven to reduce productivity barriers, retain top talent and provide a measurable and sustainable return on investment. She has designed a unique virtual wellness offering that inspires continuity and wellness within organisations during the global pandemic.

Accolades and presentations:

  • Health Expert Contributor: Longevity Magazine, Destiny, News24, SACAP
  • True Love Magazine – Top 100 International Inspirational Women
  • Longevity Magazine – Top 20 Health Champions
  • Best-selling author: Rough Diamond – Exclusive Books
  • Top 100 Mzansi Innovators (2018)
  • South African Medical Association AGM
  • Sanlam Sky Women’s Day – Gauteng (2014-2018)
  • World Congress of Healthy Ageing
  • Discovery Health Employee Wellness podcasts (2020)
  • 13th & 15th CIC Webinars – South African Construction Project Managers (2020)
  • Mental Health events for Standard Bank, Dimension Data and Libfin(2020)

Employee Wellness

  • Let’s Get to Work – a 3-part Webinar Series (incl. topics such as working remotely, productivity hacks and health communication)
  • Live Better, Live Now – COVID-19 recovery videos for employees in quarantine and isolation
  • Employee Wellness – A Toolkit for Wellness Managers
  • Resilience Inc. – quarterly webinars to boost morale
  • Managing Your Mental Health – custom videos on demand (Anxiety, Depression, life adjustment, loss etc.)
  • Burnout Management – navigating a tough world
  • Women’s Health Talks

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