Eco Groove

Eco Groove is South Africa’s only sustainable instrumental ensemble. Formed and based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Eco Groove uses ONLY recycled materials to make their uniquely hand-crafted musical equipment.

Recycled glass bottles, wine glasses, PVC pipes, wood and plastic are all used to perform well-known songs from yesteryear and chart-toppers from today – all expertly and uniquely arranged to delight audiences in a completely unique and innovative way.

Their mission is to demonstrate the importance of recycling and sustainability  – through music.

Typically, Eco Groove starts a session session with a 10 min performance, featuring medleys of familiar tunes, using a variety of different ‘upcycled’ instruments. After which the band is introduced along with details of the instrument-manufacturing process, as a song is rolled out.

Then, if requested by the client, a 5 minute overview on the importance of sustainability and recycling is given tieing into the overall message and theme of the That segways into an invitation to audience members to join the band onstage to perform with ‘up-cycled percussion’.

Fun and entertainment – with a message – that’s Eco Groove