Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas’ presentations are distinctly African. The author of “The Power of the Pride” says: “the success of the pride comes from each lion and the success of the lion derives from the pride”. His talks clearly demonstrate how lessons from lions can teach companies to create successful business teams.

In “The Power of the Pride”, the key take-home lessons include: how individuals apply the skills, power and energy; how the total focus needs to be on clearly-defined goals; why company-wide trust is crucial and how incentives – however small – motivate and reward success. By applying the “Power of the Pride” points, all the players move into a winning situation where the individuals and the entire pride thrive.

“The Spoor of Success” shows how a formidable challenge can be turned into a powerful motivator that can lift the performance of both the individual and the business.

Some of the principles include: the value of making the difficult choices – while doing nothing is disastrous; every team must have common goals and know exactly how to get there; each individual MUST be exceptional at what they do – no passengers: no pretenders; how smart is your Pride – as opposed to how hard are they working?

Measurable results must be achieved with the same or less costs – and new sources of competitive advantage must be actively and continually sought.