Ilan Smith

From the stage to the boardroom, Ilan has been entertaining corporates and wowing audiences around South Africa since the age of 16. Since 2016, Ilan has toured the USA, Canada and Australia, delivering engaging businesses talks and entertaining delighted crowds.

While in Florida in 2020, his USA tour was cut short due to Covid-19, but that did not stop him from entertaining “the world” right from his home studio in Johannesburg South Africa.

Through his international travel and work, Ilan has surrounded himself with the magic and business worlds’ most creative and innovative minds. While his specialisation is in large jaw-dropping illusions of the mind – and breath-taking sleight of hand, Ilan’s unique ability to engage all audiences. And given the new circumstances in which we are all living and working, Ilan and his team set-about creating a bespoke online offering. His virtual
business and motivational talks as well as his shows are highly interactive experiences that entertain the participants while equipping them with vital skills to navigate and understand “the new normal.”

Ilan, the utter professional, showcases magical pieces worthy of stages the world over. There’s lots of comedy, much that’s unexpected, and endless surprises and twists in store.

Ilan has performed for numerous Forbes Top 500 companies, whether in the form of pure entertainment or using magic to market a company’s specific needs or message,

Whether it’s a small intimate group of 10 or a large conference performance, Ilan makes it OK for you to be released from the confines of your beliefs, while he holds you in suspense and wonder.

Ilan constantly explores the innovations in global magic and infuses his performances with the best workable magic of international standards and entertaining SA’s biggest corporates, celebrities, and sports stars has become his way of life.

Let us set-up a live Zoom or other online demo-session with you, and you immediately see how Ilan is changing the face of magic as never before experienced.

Over the past four years, Ilan has produced two theatre shows performing for thousands and received rave reviews. He has been invited to perform on TV and radio shows. He was named “the man who achieved Twitter fame when he correctly predicted the outcome of the Soccer World Cup – live on TV. Known as ‘The Man Who Saw Tomorrow’, he was top-trending in three countries simultaneously.

Ilan’s goal as an entertainer is to provide a remarkable experience and leave audiences believing that anything is possible. And his endearing sense of humour make every performance a memorable and magical.