John Paul Waites

What is happening today is the 5th great shift for marketers.

The printing press, the internet, the mobile phone, and social media before, each created major change. The virtual world of streamed content offers fast, effective, and creative ways for people to affordably connect at scale like never before.

From URL to IRL and everything in-between.

Today’s marketing professionals have been gifted a unique opportunity to re-imagine their world in a new virtual way to reach, engage and delight their audiences like never before. But it’s a demanding, fast-paced, and competitive landscape now. Those who move early, execute well, and embrace the virtual opportunity, will enjoy exponential gains.

This brings with it a lot of new habits to forge, new workflows to map, new metrics to measure, new concepts to try, and a new pace of execution. The line where digital ends and in-real-life begins is more blurred now than ever before.

After more than 15 years of successfully running live events and a marketing agency, 2020 saw JP and his team swiftly having to re-build their business model with ‘virtual’ events and other new media which became the inevitable new way.

Fortunately, they were ready for it, while many had not seen the change coming.

Over the last year, John Paul assisted many clients to move from being early virtual adopters to building compelling and engaging digital-screen-first programmes that will come to dominate in the market.

“You’re on mute” is so 2020.

2021 will demand a strong shift from boring talking heads and shared screens to compelling projects that connect with audiences in real and meaningful ways – and to do so with precision. Audiences now expect brands and marketers to have this under control, and to deliver world-class solutions.

John Paul’s ‘Virtual Masterclasses’ bring:

  • a clear understanding of the Virtual opportunity, and how to get there
  • an insight into the tools, platforms and workflows needed to drive your events
  • guidance on how to shape your marketing strategy and the tactics to best ‘fit’ the virtual world
  • the various options available to reach your key audiences in new and meaningful ways
  • the imperative to understand and appreciate the audience’s needs and meet them where they are today
  • ways in which to create, share and host content to attract AND RETAIN your audience’s attention.
  • a ‘How-To’ on preparing your organisation’s in-house speakers and hosts to ensure the best quality production from their home office.
  • methods to exploit the new opportunities by including Virtual solutions at live, in-person events in the future, and
  • how you can scale your programmes to reach a wider audience, more effectively.