J’Something’s adventurous spirit and down-to-earth nature have seen him make singing, cooking, entrepreneurship, mentorship and being the ultimate father and husband, his goals for over a decade.

A skilled artist in his pursuits, with a passionate character making everyone humbly feel at home around him, has resulted in “J” – as he’s affectionately known to fans, emerge as one of South Africa’s most influential talents in music and entertainment today.

Joao da Fonseca, a.k.a. J’Something, is a Portuguese South African who embraced Africa’s traditions wholeheartedly when he arrived in South Africa A as a youngster.

His language diversity (he’s comfortable speaking Xhosa, Sotho and Tswana), energetic personality, impeccable voice range, and smooth dance moves captivate audiences nationwide.

A journey from Port Alfred to Johannesburg with a jam session in a late-night lounge in 2011 sparked the historic step of J’ starting the band Mi Casa, purely through chemistry. The band’s line-up consists of 3 original members; J’Something on vocals and guitar, Dr Duda on keys, programming and production, and trumpeter Mo-T. The house trio become overnight sensations with their self-titled debut record ‘Mi Casa’.

The body of work, featuring the hit single “These Streets,” ranks as one of the most successful dance albums of its time. Flawless hit-making formulas and much success has seen Mi Casa scoop up multiple prestigious awards, including South African Music Awards, the Metro Awards and MTV Africa Awards. They have also enjoyed a host of collaborations including with jazz legend Bra Hugh Masekela, many international support shows, performing the national anthem for the Springboks vs. New Zealand rugby game and having performied for Barack Obama.

Having become one of South Africa’s most successful acts has propelled the trio to international recognition, a prestigious international record contract with Afroforce1 Records/Universal Music Group for 5 albums, 4 of which reached reached Gold status almost instantly.

An inimitable work ethic with an enduring positivity to achieve his dreams, have seen J’Something inspire many South African men. He has

  • been named GQ’s Best Dressed Man
  • secured a prestigious Mercedes Benz sponsorship
  • unveiled his own Gin Line “Jin Gin” and
  • the cooking series “My Kitchen Rules” – with J’ as a judge and co-host, has now completed its 4th season (2022). Having grown up with both parents in the food industry, this multi-talented showman sharpened his skills in the kitchen to become known as one of SA’s most exciting foodies. He’s the only musician who has combined a successful cooking career alongside music and performance, gone on to open a restaurant, host a thriving food and awards show, and become an ambassador for the high-end kitchen line Smeg.

From food preparation to understanding its nutritional benefits – J’s passion for food has become an outlet for him and his family to truly connect with fans – while earning tremendous
respect from some leaders in the game. Triple platinum selling author for his cookbook ‘Something’s Cooking by J’ is a must for lovers of authentic cuisine.

2020 saw the launch of Mi Casa’s latest album, ‘We Made It’ – a culmination of a decade-long journey revealing J’ at his prime. Instrumental in mentoring young musos and producers while sustaining his many professional engagements, J intends to break into Europe soon.