Karima Brown

Karima Brown is a highly-regarded journalist with a lengthy list of credentials including Political Editor at Business Day and Group Executive Editor at the Independent Group.

She launched Forbes Women Africa magazine and has hosted ‘Political Exchange’ and ‘Beyond Markets’ on CNBC Africa. In addition to her media work, Karima is a sought-after facilitator and commentator for corporates and other organisations trying to make sense of the big issues facing the country.

She is the host of the ‘Karima Brown Show’ on 702 Talk Radio on Mondays to Thursdays between 8 pm and 10 pm. This is a hard-hitting politics show which brings big names and newsmakers into the discussion. Karima holds politicians to account and helps audiences to make sense of the issues of the day.

She is also the host of ‘The Fix’ on eNCA, a no-holds-barred current affairs show which sees her and her panel of guests crunch major news events, examine the key issues and debate the way forward.