Kevin Horsley

Did you know that the people that attended your last conference have probably forgotten most of the content that you spent so much time, effort and money on.

Not storing information in your mind is expensive and can lead to embarrassment and poor judgement. What you HAVE learnt and CAN re-call may be the most telling advantage you will ever have over your competitors – but ALL the learning in the world is worthless if you cannot recall what you know.

Kevin Horsley wasn’t born with a phenomenal memory or learning ability. He was labelled dyslexic and struggled through school, battling to read and even to retain information for short periods of time, but after school he consciously decided to dedicate his time and energy to mental training and self-improvement.

For over 20 years, he has been analysing the mind and memory is one of the world’s first five people to have been awarded the title ‘International Grandmaster of Memory’ by the Brain Trust, presented and jointly sanctioned by Prince Philip of Liechtenstein.

Kevin is also a World Record Holder for the matrix memorisation of 10, 000 digits of Pi. The matrix record is known as ‘The Everest of memory tests’.

His most requested presentation is ‘The Business of Memory’ and Kevin will impress you with his phenomenal memory – and motivate you with practical tips, tools and techniques that you can implement immediately.

At conferences, this presentation can be tailored to help delegates remember key business information and talk content.  Attendees will learn to remember names, sales and product knowledge, key sales questions and presentations with ease. Memory creates certainty, certainty creates confidence and confidence creates sales.

Across Southern Africa, the UK and the Middle East, Kevin shares the how-to’s in enlightening and entertaining sessions and demonstrates the ways which will enable you to accelerate learning, become more positive and create lasting change

Kevin’s book ‘Unlimited Memory’ has officially sold over 40 000 copies in the US and been translated into French, Korean and Simplified Chinese.