Landiwe “Landzy” Gama

Landiwe Gama, better known by her social media handle “Landzy Gama”.

Landzy is a Brand Influencer and YouTuber who loves to work with brands that are in line with her personal brand and she enjoys finding new ways to collaborate and make each collaboration special and unique. In that way she gets to “really stretch her creative capabilities while at the same time inspire others in the process”.

“here’s a greater purpose behind being a brand influencer and YouTuber” says Landzy, ” I get to do what I love, learn a lot about myself and inspire young women in the process. I believe the idea is to show young women and girls that you can be on any platform, spreading whatever message you want to spread and feel passionate about by using the resources available to you. You don’t need a large following, expensive clothes, photographers, an HD camera or lots of money. Work with what you have! That’s where the real creativity thrives.

She has worked with brands such as Land Rover, Pandora, Lasenza, Mr Price Home, Savanna, Identity and Nivea, just to name a few.

Landzy is also very passionate about topics such as mental health and depression. In these fields, she has helped many of her supporters by speaking out and sharing her past and current experiences with them. The topic is very taboo but she is doing all she can to change that with every video, email and DM she creates.

“It has made me feel so fulfilled to know that I have helped someone want to continue to fulfill their purpose on this earth.”

Instagram: @landzygama (47,5K)
Twitter: @landzygama (31,4K)
YouTube: Landzy Gama (17,7K)