Elegant. Soulful. Radiant. Few words come close to describing the rich, silky sound of South Africa’s pre-eminent female vocalist of the 21st century, LIRA. Since embarking on her incomparable career nearly a decade ago, LIRA has blazed an astonishing trail of accomplishments that few artists in the history of the entire continent can lay claim to.

While she gracefully follows in the footsteps of giants such as the late Miriam Makeba and the legendary Letta Mbulu, LIRA has brazenly carved her own musical niche with her self-described Afro-soul sound – a musical mélange as refreshing as a summer breeze. Her flawless dossier boasts a multitude of South African Music Awards (SAMAs), MTV African Awards, MOJO Awards, Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year, fashion and lifestyle magazine covers, and platinum albums, all of which have left an indelible impression on Africa-at-large.

LIRA has also added brand ambassador to her impressive resume, with appearances in major ad campaigns by Audi, Shield, Samsung, MTN and Blackberry. But she has yet to take her eyes off one of the main objective: to conquer the world with Afro-soul. An urbane, sophisticated genre described as “a fusion of soul music, elements of jazz, funk, and African languages,” Now, after eight years of triumphant transcendence, prestigious accolades, and record-breaking milestones in her homeland, LIRA is poised to take America by storm. Taking into consideration her bubbly self-assuredness, unique vocal talent, and her patented Afro-soul sound, it’s hard to see how the world-at-large will be able to effectively resist the musical prowess of LIRA.