Mike Schussler

A well-known economic commentator in the media and in academic articles.

An economist for more than two decades, Mike holds a Masters degree in economics from the University of Johannesburg. A successful entrepreneur and CEO of an economics advisory firm.

Mike Schüssler, an economist for over two decades, holds a Masters in economics. A successful entrepreneur, owner and employer – he understands business.

Named the ‘South African Economist of the Year’ twice, he has also recognised as Small Business and Member of the Year by the Jo’burg Chamber of Business (the Afrikaans business chamber).

Well-known for his innovative research from employment to education indicators, Mike invented and maintains the Provincial Barometers and fixed investment indices which have been widely published. They give insight into economic conditions on a regional basis ‘ the first and only such indices in South Africa.

He presents economics in an understandable and entertaining style and his audiences have included International and South African audiences ranging from farmers to financiers. He also advises and presents to pension funds, local governments and business chambers.