Paula Slier

South African born Paula Slier is the Middle East Bureau Chief for RT (Russia Today*). Prior to working with RT, Paula was an anchor and senior reporter with the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

She has worked in broadcasting for over 20 years as a foreign correspondent, anchorwoman and news editor.

Paula’s assignments have taken her across the globe and she is often seen reporting from the frontlines of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon. She has been embedded with the American army in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Syrian and Russian armies in Syria, and the Peshmerga (Kurdish) forces in Iraq. Her specialties include international media, reporting in conflict zones, propaganda, terrorism, Middle East, Russia.

Paula has addressed major international forums in various capacities: as a debate facilitator, master of ceremonies and keynote speaker.

Talk topics include:

  • “I followed the war wherever I could reach it. What’s it like to risk one’s life for a news story? – the adrenalin and the anecdotes”
  • “Up-close and personal with Islamic State – the deadliest terrorist organisation in the world.”
  • “The comeback of the Russian bear – an intimate look at Putin’s Russia.”

Recognition and Awards

  • the MediaOnline listed her as one of the top 40 South African journalists under 40.
  • 2015: named the Southern Africa winner, media category, of Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards (previously recognised twice as one of the most influential women in her native South Africa.)
  • the inaugural winner of the ‘Jewish Woman in Leadership’ of the South African Jewish Achievers’ Award.
  • twice recognised by the Russian president Vladimir Putin for her ‘colossal input into the development of Russian journalism and for her professionalism in covering issues of paramount importance.’
  • a finalist in the TEFI awards (Emmy of Russia) of the Russian Academy of Television for her coverage of the Libya conflict.
  • named a finalist by the Association for International Broadcasting for her reporting on Hamas tunnels in Gaza.
  • identified as one of South Africa’s top 100 leaders for the book entitled “The Blueprint of a Future Leader” co-created and codified through the Blueprints Method.

Recent conference appearances: 

2018 so far:

  • Panelist in OSCE World Press Freedom Day conference in Accra, Ghana, on “Ensuring Safety Protocols for Journalists”
  • Addressed Asia Media Summit in New Delhi, India, on ‘Telling Compelling Stories: Challenges and Opportunities”
  • Panelist in the Global Coalition 4 Israel Forum in Jerusalem, Israel, on “Reporting from the Middle East: Separating Fact from Fiction”
  • Addressed DIGIT – Online Journalism Conference – in Herzliya, Israel, on “The New Journalism Story: Where did the technology disappear?” 2017:-
  • Participated in the OSCE World Press Freedom Day conference in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Addressed the Asia Media Summit in Qingdao, China, on “Reporting on Peace and Conflict: Have the Rules Changed?”
  • Addressed the Women with the Wave Forum of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union in Istanbul, Turkey, on “Safety of Women Journalists” Ongoing
  • Participate in various working sessions of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe) for human rights and democracy dedicated to the work of journalists in conflict zones. Addressed conferences in Vienna, Warsaw and Vilnius
  • Regular panelist on Finnish TV7 – weekly Middle East

Master of Ceremonies at several Eurasian Media Forums in Astana, Kazakhstan. Topics included:

  • The Middle East: Resolving conflicting interests – by diplomacy or conflict?
  • Middle-Eastern Centre of gravity – clash of interests and forecast for the future.Arthur Denaro, former advisor to the Defence Ministry, UK
  • Panelists included former Afghan president Hamid Karzai

*an international broadcaster with a global reach of over 700 million people and the first channel to be viewed one billion times on YouTube.