Professor Mike Bruton

What is Imagineering? Imagineering is finding novel solutions to the challenges faced by modern society.

Cape Town-based Professor Mike Bruton has developed many innovative insights and practical solutions during his work in many diverse fields. He has,for instance, proposed the concept of the Information Value Chain to explain the role of modern interactive science centres and museums in society.

With a career in science and technology, research and communication, Prof. Bruton is an experienced public speaker whose fascinating digital slides illustrate and enliven his talks.

Some of his most recent talks have have been on South African inventions, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the First Digital Revolution. These have been delivered : to the International Science Forum at the CSIR, the Legislative Assembly of Parliament and at National Science Week at various locations in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Also to SciFest Africa and the National Science Festival in Grahamstown. Later in 2019 he will present on these topics at workshops and conferences in Ghana and Switzerland.

During his research for his book, ‘What a Great Idea!’, he had many conversations with scientists, inventors, innovators and policy makers about intellectual property, copyright, patents and related issues, in relation to both science and indigenous knowledge – and this now forms a part of his talks when so requested.

In addition to his scientific publications and conference presentations, Prof. Bruton’s science/science communication output has included the conceptualisation and design of numerous exhibitions on different aspects of science and technology, including a highly successful exhibition on ‘Great South African Inventions’. The latter has travelled throughout South Africa and to Japan. In addition to his book, ‘What a Great Idea! Awesome South African Inventions’ (Jacana Media), Mike Bruton has published three other books:

  • 2016: ‘Traditional Fishing Methods of Africa’: Cambridge University Press
  • 2015: ‘When I was a Fish. Tales of an Ichthyologist’: Jacana Media (Prof. Bruton’s autobiography) – which is widely on sale – and
  • 2010: ‘Great South African Inventions’: Cambridge University Press