Sam Cowen

Sam Cowen is back in the studio with her old co-host, on “Mansfield in the Morning” from 06h00 – 09h00 on Hot 91.8 FM. When not on the radio, Sam is a life coach, motivational speaker and TV presenter, who has been “in the industry for over 2 decades”.

Besides co-hosting the award-winning ‘Rude Awakening’ for 14 years on 947, she’s hosted a parenting show on eTV.

She has also written a play and four bestsellers, including her latest book, ‘From Whiskey to Water’ – a story of her own battle with alcohol addiction. Decribed as “Courageous, tragic, side-splittingly funny, this is a book that will inspire and change lives.” Sam says, “sometimes it gets you later, long after adolescence and the crazy student drinking days. It’s like a virus. You can’t tell who is carrying it, not unless that person is close to the end of their life, whether it be their drinking life or their physical one. The people in my support group were all bruised and confused. We had come to the fire pit by different roads but we were all sitting in the same ash.”

In 2002 she got sober, and this book is the story of that journey. She went on to find her redemption in long-distance swimming.

Sam is currently working on a new series about ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary things.