‘The Other’ Michael Jackson

It was once said that ‘There are decades when nothing happens… and then weeks when decades happen’, and so it came to pass with 2020.

Now, as we begin to think about a post-Covid world, how should we communicate and lead our businesses into a new landscape? Where should we best focus, engage, align and adapt our practices?  

In this engaging online presentation, Michael Jackson will provide plenty of food for thought and a sense of the right direction. Jackson is a sought-after global speaker who engages his audiences and enables them to better understand how to deal with the complexities delivered by the modern world.

As a keynote speaker Michael Jackson has already applied his communication and marketing expertise to audiences at over 2 700 conferences and events across 46 countries. An informative and inspiring speaker on innovative human and business change, he has addressed world-leaders and global CEOs, yet is equally comfortable with sleeves rolled-up, speaking at factory floor level.

Passionate about what he does, Jackson creates and delivers outstanding, memorable and company-customised speeches, and is also is available to attend your entire event as an expert, experienced on-stage conference facilitator or interviewer.

Combining immediate, up-to-date stories of market-relevant business information, combined with the historic, current and future dynamics of business change, Jackson ensures his audiences become completely engaged, think differently, and are better-able to react to the complexities brought by massive, constant change.

Michael Jackson delivers a powerful set of messages, expertly weaving your story into his materials and creates maximum impact with any audience.