Tracy Going

Cape Town based Tracy’s latest revelations in her best-seller ‘Brutal Legacy” have brought her fondly back into the limelight.

Her memoir is a heart-breaking, yet triumphant telling of a romantic relationship that quickly turned violent and abusive. It is the story of how she found herself staggering into a police station battered and bruised back in the late 1990s, the harrowing court case that followed, the collapse of her career, the depression and the decades long journey to undo the psychological damages in the search for safety and the reclaiming of self. Her story is told against the backdrop of a childhood in Brits on a small holding, in a family environment controlled by the unpredictable rage of an alcoholic father. It is a mesmerising account that is brutal and honest, but ultimately uplifting in the realization that healing is a lengthy process, and that self-forgiveness and acceptance are essential in order to fully embrace life.

During her time on SABC (TV and Radio), Tracy won numerous awards for her contribution to both Radio and TV broadcasting. Aside from that, she has also been recognised and rewarded for her endless contributions to various charities, communities and schools. Her recognition includes being voted by The Star into the “Top 100 People in SA”, the “Weighless Woman of Substance Award” and has been nominated as Shoprite/Checkers Woman of the Year for 2 consecutive years. Tracy Going was awarded with the “Mother of the Nation” by the community of Soweto, the “SABC – Woman in the Media” award and was recognised by Sunday Times/Elle Magazine as the Most Stylish News Reader.

She has also published two Children’s Story/Cookbooks. Her first book African Animals Rhymes & Recipes achieved bestseller status and her second book Awesome Animals Rhymes & Recipes won the Gourmand Cookbook Award and was placed second in the world at the Paris cookbook Fair.

Tracy spent five years of her life waking up South Africa on SABC 2’s ‘Morning Live’ and seven years with the listeners of Radio Metro and Kaya FM. Other TV shows included ‘One Step Beyond’ (SABC 3), Business Tonight (SABC 3), The Market Report (DSTV) and the 8 o’clock News (SABC 3)

She left AFDA Film school where she was lecturing to focus on writing her memoir.