Alexandria Procter

Meet an unstoppable force of nature, a young South African trailblazer who’s already making waves in the world of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Her story will inspire anyone who hears it to question what THEIR next step will be.

She started as a student at UCT (Cape Town) in 2018. Since then, as CEO, co-founder and head of product, it has connected over 130k landlords and tenants to date, generating millions of pounds in lease value and ensuring that students globally can find a home. With their strategic partners, DigsConnect’s presence is in more than 400 cities worldwide, listing more than 1.3 million beds.
Her book ‘Upstart’ was published by NB Publishers on 29 Feb 2024 and Alexandria has an online publication called ‘The Aviation Club’ where she writes about startups, tech, her life and travels (she had circumnavigated the world at 17), politics, development economics, literature, philosophy and entrepreneurship.
Being fascinated by the intersection of government and the private sector, specifically in regard to technology, startup culture and entrepreneurship, Alexandria was appointed to the board of directors for the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) by the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa in Nov 2021. 2 years later, she launched an initiative called One Million for Democracy, with the goal of getting 1 million young South Africans registered to vote. By the time registrations closed, they had succeeded in getting 1.6 million new young South Africans on the voters roll. Prior to that, she was a director at the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative, making her the youngest director on both boards.
From mentoring under influential figures like Helen Zille to starting a venture capital fund focused on healthtech (Pharos Ventures), Alexandria is constantly pushing boundaries and striving for innovation.
In 2016, she was part of a design team from Imperial College London and the Royal Academy of the Arts that prototyped converting shipping containers into internet cafes in Khayelitsha where, as a student, she coached debating at COSAT high school.
A member of Mensa South Africa and UK, this rising star is not just intelligent, but also grounded in gratitude, kindness, and a contagious zest for life. With a love for sports and an undying optimism, there’s no telling where she’ll go next.
Alexandria is a truly inspiring individual, known for her philanthropic efforts and funding initiatives that support education and healthcare in underserved communities. Her infectious enthusiasm and belief in the power of kindness have touched the lives of many, inspiring them to see the world through a lens of hope and possibility.
But it’s not all about work – they also have a passion for adventure, having conquered peaks like Kilimanjaro and trekked through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes
As they continue to defy expectations and break barriers, one thing is clear: this young trailblazer is destined for greatness. Stay tuned for the next chapter in their extraordinary journey!”