Miles Kubheka

Visionary. Leader. Trailblazer. Miles Kubheka, a.k.a. ‘Vuyo’, is a game-changing entrepreneur who empowers others to find success.

On the corporate stages of South Africa, this public speaker connects with and inspires audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Some of his most recent ‘happy’ clients include Sage Pastel, Discovery and Wits Business School. Comments in client’s testimonials include: “Miles is considered to be one of South Africa’s best”, “an exceptional individual”, “a natural speaker” – and “truly excellent”. He has also appeared on various talk shows and TV programmes as well as in several publications

This IT graduate turned successful gastronomist is the founder, owner, and believer behind the renowned ‘Vuyo’s’ brand.

Miles has always had the desire to make a meaningful mark on the world and in 2012 he became the first person in the entire world to create a business based on a TV advert. The advert was about a character named “Vuyo” who starts off selling wors rolls from a food cart and then makes it “beeeg”. Miles innovatively trademarked the ‘Vuyo’s’ brand and opened the first Vuyo’s restaurant in Braamfontein. There he served fast-casual food, including gourmet-style South African staples such as wors, potjiekos and pap.

Miles expanded his enterprise to include food carts and then expanded it even further with the introduction of food trucks. He now has a restaurant on the famous Vilakazi Street, in Soweto, four food trucks, and more plans to expand and inspire.

He teaches would-be entrepreneurs that all that’s required to start a business is vision and a hunger to succeed. He believes Africa needs leaders committed to creating wealth for their communities and that doing good is good business.

For purely traditional South African food, Miles’ passion is to set in motion a South African food revolution – he wants South Africans to feel proud of their food and to be able to go out and eat “what they grew up eating”.

Miles lives in Johannesburg, where he cooks and eats good food, spends time with his adorable seven-year-old son, and stays up late plotting how best to change the world.