Nompu Siziba

This radio and TV broadcaster is the former host of SAFM’s Market Update with Moneyweb. A specialist in the fields of business and finance, Nompu is driven in her efforts to break down the economic issues of the day in a way that helps inform and empower ordinary South Africans.

London-born Nompu, whose parents were in exile, started her working career in London as a specialist editor for Platts, a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill. She specialised in reporting on north-western European and Arabian Gulf to East tanker-freight rate markets and moved on from there.

In 2006, Nompu moved to South Africa where she was employed as an economics researcher for the SABC research department. That role involved collating information on different sectors in the economy, with different focuses, with the goal of providing reporter colleagues in the field substantive information to work with when covering business and financial stories.

In 2007, Nompu joined the SABC’s general reporting team.

By 2009, more in line with her specific interest, Nompu moved to the Economics desk as a reporter where she covered macro-economic stories, looking at interest rates, the broader economy, company news, SOEs, and stories focusing on individuals and how economic developments affected their lives.

In 2011, Nompu moved to Summit TV, doing big interviews with movers and shakers in the economy, including policy makers, government officials, company CEOs, and market analysts, among others. It’s there that she began to sharpen her broadcasting skills as a presenter and interviewer.

SABC then called her back in 2012, where she was appointed as both a senior business reporter and an anchor.

Her academic background includes an LLB Honours in Law and a Masters in Journalism, both of which she attained from the University of Westminster in London.