Sheree Vercueil

Sheree comes from a legal background, bringing with her over a decade of professional experience. During the course of her legal career, she obtained her LLB degree, specialising in Cybersecurity, which created an appreciation for data privacy and information security. These interests, along with the increasing need for skilled professionals in the cybersecurity sector, were the motivating factors driving her to pursue a new career path, where she could merge her legal expertise with that of cybersecurity.

This transition was a deliberate move to learn more about what it means to stay cyber safe, from both a business and a personal perspective, in a time where security has become essential. She joined the SensePost Academy Programme in 2020, marking the intersection of her legal career with cybersecurity, and provided an immersive platform to cultivate the mix of skills needed for the technological and security landscape.

Sheree entered the industry as a Security Analyst, where she was trained as an ethical hacker, acquiring the necessary technical skillset to conduct various types of security assessments for a wide range of local and international clients. After gaining significant technical exposure and experience, she joined the Advisory Team, where her legal background and expertise allowed her to share a unique perspective when approaching security challenges, having the understanding of both the legal and technological implications.

As a Security Advisory Consultant, she is involved in client engagements and internal compliance for her organisation, and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that ensure clients’ security postures align with industry standards and compliance requirements.

With a passion for data and information security, Sheree remains dedicated to ensuring that organisations not only meet the technical demands of cybersecurity but also uphold the legal and regulatory standards imperative to their success in an increasingly interconnected and security-sensitive world”