Wayne Duvenage

Wayne was a founding director and chairperson of OUTA*, which set out to pursue civil society’s challenge of Governments irrational eToll decision in Gauteng. He is now the CEO of OUTA (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse).

Prior to that, he spent three decades in the tourism and transport industry until 2012. In that time he was chairperson of the car rental industry body (SAVRALA) and was a board member of the Tourism Business Council (TBCSA).

In 2016, OUTA had expanded its mandate and escalated the Non-Profit entity to become a formidable civil activist organisation, employing a team of around 45 professionals and activists that have taken on over 240 projects over the past five years, related to corruption and maladministration of tax-payers money.

Wayne’s talks highlight the need and role of civil activism, and more so that of active corporate citizenry which is little understood in society at large. He goes on to show how the trust deficit has grown between the four major institutions of Government, Business, NGO’s and the Media, creating a space for uncertainty and decay to thrive. The pit of national decay that developing countries so often fall into, is one which now, exacerbated by COVID-19, has brought South Africa to the very edge of the precipice.

Wayne tells audiences what is really going on in the dark corridors most of us fear to enter – and shows them the way out of that darkness.

During his corporate career, he was Chief Executive at Avis South Africa.

Wayne has Chaired and filled the CEO position at OUTA since its inception in 2012.

Wayne schooled in KZN and is a BSc graduate of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.