Dr. Samke Ngcobo

Dr. Samke Ngcobo is a medical doctor who has warmed the hearts of South Africans through her positive contributions in mental health advocacy. She is a passionate mental health and wellness advocate who is thriving despite living with bipolar disorder for the past 23 years. “Prioritising my mental health has been key to my success. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. Seeking help is a sign of strength.”

Her life bears testimony to the fact that our struggles do not need to define us; we we can rise above them and still live a life of purpose and impact. By addressing audiences for the likes of Discovery, BMW, Absa, Accenture, Anglo-American, Barloworld, Standard Chartered Bank and Bowmans, this sought-after keynote speaker empowers, inspires and educates the corporate community and society at large in order to de-stigmatise mental health illness and demystify misconceptions about mental health challenges around us and in our places of work – and they are far more common than we realise.

In 2022 Samke was a speaker at the Vastly Sage x Veuve Clicquot Uplifting Brunch. Her ability to engage authentically – using the vulnerability of her lived experience with mental illness, plus her professional knowledge – enabled her to connect effectively with that audience and other across the geographical spectrum. In the same year, she was recognised as a top 5 finalist in the Transunion Rising Star Awards in the entrepreneurship category for her wellness company Vocal Mentality.

Dr. Ngcobo’s commitment to mental health advocacy is further reflected in her founding of Sisters For Mental Health and her passion for mental health education in schools has seen her collaborating with educators in order to support learners and bring them mental health awareness in their formative years. Further, her impact extends beyond just words, as she has been featured in interviews on various media platforms, reaching diverse audiences with her message of resilience and empowerment.

She is also the author of “Reflections Of A Convoluted Mind: A journey with my mental illness. Also in the written word, she has contributed to publications such as Mail Guardian and Longevity magazines. In the world of broadcasting, she has been interviewed on several radio, television and podcast platforms which take her message of hope and education to diverse markets.

If additional proof is necessary of her activities as a local and global citizen, Dr. Ngcobo is the founder of Sisters For Mental Health and her personal advocacy platform Vocal Mentality (www.vocalmentality.com). As a “Play your Part” ambassador for Brand South Africa, Dr. Ngcobo embodies the spirit of positive change and community engagement. Her message is clear – despite any challenges faced, thriving is possible with the right support and mindset. By prioritising mental health and seeking help when needed, individuals can overcome obstacles and live fulfilling lives. “Remember, it’s okay to not be okay at times, and reaching out for support is a courageous step towards well-being and growth. “Am I suffering from mental illness?” she is asked. “NO ways – I’m thriving – despite it.

Samke is a Play your Part Ambassador for Brand South Africa.