Joey Rasdien

Joey Rasdien’s is one of the most expressive and recognisable faces of a new generation of South African comedians. His experience in the financial industry proves to be a real advantage. Why? It makes him a favourite when relating to a corporate audience. He’s also a highly sought-after Facilitator and entertainer at events in general.

Joey Rasdien’s absurd yet thought-provoking stand-up comedy shows tackles touchy subjects. These could range from Charles Darwin to Julius Malema and Steven Hawking. You WILL laugh until the tears are rolling down your face.

He is well-known from his roles in movies such as ‘Running Riot’, ‘Bunny Chow’, ‘Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat’, ‘Dollars and White Pipes’, ‘Outrageous Blitz Patrollie and “Material” with Riaad Moosa.

In addition, Joey Rasdien has performed in all the major comedy festivals in South Africa. He’s a regular on the comedy circuit at the country’s leading venues and at ‘Blacks Only’ to crowds of 4000+ people. And Joey has played many sold-out “one-man shows.

On the small screen, he is remembered from “Comedy Showcase”. Also his sketches on “Jerry Springer’s Saturday Night” and way back to appearances on “The Phat Joe Show”.

Joey Rasdien has appeared in many television ads including those for brands such as Cell C, One Life Direct,, KFC and for the ICC Cricket World Cup Campaign. He has also toured with the South African Cricket Team as one of the faces and voices of South African Cricket.

Joey is an Ambassador for Adidas internationally and a spokesperson for 46664 as well as for the Mandela Foundation.