Willem van der Post

Willem van der Post is a seasoned international speaker, illuminating for his audiences the age of technology megatrends that are re-shaping and disrupting the business landscape. Willem further exposes audiences to the latest advancements in, inter alia, nanotech, robotics, automation, crypto currencies, blockchain, digital biology, space and 3D

He helps leadership teams to blend business futuristic readiness with current commercial realities.

The venture capital firm of which Willem is the chairman, seeks out global commercial opportunities in the technology and finance sector, and facilitates partnerships with large organisations.

Willem further exposes audiences to the latest advancements in exponential technologies, megatrends in the USA, Israel and other innovation hubs, and helps leadership teams transition between thinking of the Business of Today priorities – and Future Business opportunities (sustainability, defensibility and growth).

Willem is an alum of the University of Stellenbosch, University of South Africa, University of Cape Town Business School, Singularity University in California and Harvard Business School.

With a background in financial services and investment, he has helped large institutions to transform from legacy organisations, to exponential organisations. He brings a blend of commercial acumen, team inclusion, and entrepreneurial flair, which, when blended with a taste of technology innovation, helps leaders to generate excitement for a different strategic future.

Prior to founding his venture capital firm, Willem was the managing partner for Deloitte Africa – Center for the Edge; a disruption innovation business with a focus on exponential technology. His company uncovers disruption opportunities, in partnership with global corporate clients.

He serves as strategic advisor to the boards of various portfolio companies, and is also the founder on an AI and machine learning enabled customer growth tool, used by organisations looking for digital customers.

When Willem is not on his mountain bike, he can be found exploring startup accelerators in San Francisco or Tel Aviv, or more recently, enjoying the spoils of the Stellenbosch wine region.