Quinton Coetzee

White River-based Quinton Coetzee has always been on a journey into the raw realities of nature.

In his HEAD, HEART AND GUTS – Lessons from the African Bush“, he unpacks the minutiae of all living things in their endeavours towards a successful, prosperous and fruitful existence.

    • Do you have the HEAD to know exactly what you need to do in order to achieve your goals and live a fulfilled life’
    • Do you have the HEART to develop and maintain the relationships and inter-relationships necessary to achieve your goals’
    • Do you have the GUTS to overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way of your goals’

As with his previous, renowned presentation ‘Back to Basics – San Solutions’, Quinton uses spectacular visuals as he explores timeless lessons for personal achievement and business success. The message is powerful and riveting, drawing perfect parallels between the challenges of survival in the bush and success in the business world.

This highly energetic, professional presentation not only inspires and motivates, it enthralls, moves and punches home the reality of personal commitment and survival in the corporate world. Its straight-forwardness is invigorating – it will be talked about, recounted and remembered.