Thami Dish

Thami Kotlolo, also known as ‘Thami Dish’, is a social entrepreneur, Human Rights & LGBTQI+ Activist as well as a creative; an innovator who is passionate about creating unique platforms to further LGBTQI+ Rights and Human Rights in new and entertaining ways.

He is the founder of Africa’s preeminent LGBTQ recognition awards, known as ‘The Feather Awards’, which have been running for more than 14 years. The Feathers have evolved into a social movement that involves community dialogues, the training of stakeholders and advocacy campaigns. He has also founded the Thami Dish Foundation which is an NPO that furthers his vision and legacy.

In 2018 he convened the Global LGBTQ+ Network which is a gathering of LGBTQ+ activists, leaders and allies from across the world, in a call to unite in forming solutions towards various causes in LGBTQ+ issues.

Through his work, he has made an indelible mark on the landscape of LGBTQI+ activism and LGBTQI+ rights in South Africa. This he has achieved through creative platforms, events, content development, social media and, more recently, sports.

In addition, Thami is not only a South African Influencer with a strong social media presence, but is also and as a regular commentator on radio and television on LGBTIQ+ issues.  Further, he has appeared in local films and reality shows.

Politically active, Thami Kotlolo is frequently lobbying for increased attention to LGBTIQ+ issues through all levels of government.