Nianell is a songstress and award-winning musician with multi-platinum sales to her credit. And as performer she has inspired thousands of people all over the world. But for the last five years she has taken her creative skills and her wonder about the grander purpose of life, to develop her EMIT Change Workshops. They are a series of Educational, Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational workshops. These focus on specific topics to assist attendees to overcome their challenges, heal trauma and equip and provide them with practical tools to shift and change their current situations.

Nianell’s workshops are innovative, exciting and are acclaimed in the way they uplift and captivate their attendees. Every workshop includes a live performance of songs and music that will open the hearts of each participant.  In Nianell’s words, “Only when we feel can we heal.”

The topics Nianell focusses on, are topics in which she has personal experience in and has gathered much information on during her life. Despite being best-known in Southern Africa for her success in the music industry, Nianell is a qualified Thetahealing Master and Certificate of Science and has completed her Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

Nianell’s self-development book, “Knowing Who I Am”, was published by Hay House in the USA, which helped to share her message of unconditional love world-wide.

It is Nianell’s passion and goal to remind as many people as she can of their magnificence and inspire them to shine. With her in-depth knowledge on the routes to self-improvement and self-development  – and a skill-set to complement it, Nianell has assisted hundreds of clients and students to change their lives for the better.

, giving them hope and comfort with her soul soothing music and angelic voice.