Dr. John Tibane

Dr John Tibane is a speaker, teacher and author of note on various business imperatives including Leadership, Strategy, Organisational Renewal, High Performance and Workforce Motivation and Cohesion.

He has become an acknowledged expert and extraordinary advisor to high-performing individuals and organisations.

His ability to simplify the complex matters of life and business has made him an opinion-shaper and thought-leader who is equally comfortable in corporate and Government boardrooms, at conferences and seminars and on radio and television. Through his Metro Fm Talk Show – ‘Own Your Destiny’, his public seminars in addition to mobilising his messages in the form of his audio-learning programs and
books – including “Master your Thoughts…Transform your Life” and “Enlightened Leadership”, Dr Tibane has become a constant voice of reason in Southern Africa and many other parts of the world.

Dr Tibane holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from MEDUNSA, South Africa; a diploma in Business Management from Damelin Business College and a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management from Logos University, Jacksonville, USA.

He is a life-long student of Business Philosophy, Human Sciences and Spirituality.

After practicing Medicine and Surgery for seven years, Dr Tibane turned himself into a source of inspiration and insight to individuals and organisations. He has consulted and conducted interventions for various organisations for more than 2 decades. Dr Tibane lives in Pretoria, RSA.