Based in George, ‘Alison’ became a household name with national television, newspaper and radio coverage and is one of the best-remembered survivors in South Africa. She not only had an exceptional will to live, but she had and still possesses an unbelievable attitude towards life – and everyone can learn from her.

Her powerfully uplifting presentations reinforce the primary fundamental rule of life – that we all have a ‘choice’ as to how we manage our experiences and our attitude towards life – and over time – she has proven to be one of our best celebrity speakers.

As a motivational speaker, she has shared her remarkable story around the world, inspiring all those who hear her. In brief – one night in 1994 – she was abducted by two men at knife point, repeatedly raped, stabbed and left for dead on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth. Her throat was slit 16 times and she was stabbed 35 times in the abdomen, but Alison held her head up with one hand, her intestines in with the other, and crawled to the road where she collapsed.

In hospital, no-one believed that a person with such severe wounds could possibly live! But she did! No-one who hears Alison’s story will be quite the same afterwards.