Cristina Rodrigues

Cristina Rodrigues has an unstoppable passion and enthusiasm for music. She strolls among your guests with her violin – or entertains them with song – or both. This creates the perfect atmosphere for your guests – without overwhelming them with volume. This talented songstress-cum-musician brings the perfect solution to a cozy and intimate function. And if the mood is right, Cristina might choose to perform a couple of ‘ Showstoppers ‘ that will get her audience in the mood to boogie.

She sings. She strings. When it comes to elegant versatility, there is one name in the business that delivers so perfectly every time – Cristina Rodrigues. A melodic compilation of honey noted tones and raspy interludes, she has the ability to diversify her performances to suit each and every outing.

From laid-back summer afternoon cocktails to glitz-and-gusto “Rodeo Drive” ensembles. From corporate get-togethers and weddings, Cristina effortlessly floats her vocals – and her violin’s magic – between musical genres.

Her ability to engage with any crowd has been behind Cristina’s reputation. As an interactive performer who offers a variety of musical options, expect cross-over; solo performances and collaborative ensembles. Be it as ‘Café Latté’, ‘The Girls’ or ‘Fever’, each package comprises talented musicians with diverse offerings.

Their specific and unique sounds light up a stage and warm up any party – and in each case, Cristina leads each of these delightful offerings.

Choose from an LED R (red) G (green) B (blue) performance dress with time-coding ability. This spectacular show of lights is housed in her stage costume. From twinkles to fire and even to displaying your brand or company name. And all of this cleverly choreographed to her music. You HAVE to see it!

Cristina also teams up with Andy Klee and Cathy del Mei to form Fever Trio