Chris Forrest

Chris Forrest has been on the forefront of the South African comedy scene since the late 90’s. His OBVIOUS love for food led him to enter the first South African Celebrity Masterchef and to the delight of many, he won!

He is a TV presenter; MC, Comedian (and when not on stage, Dad and Husband!)

With a career spanning over 20 years, Chris Forrest is often called a legend of South African Comedy. During that time, he’s developed a reputation as a professional, consistent, versatile performer, able to adapt to almost any crowd and leave them in fits of laughter every time.

In that time he has performed successfully at multiple festivals, both locally and internationally, graced both the big and small screens, most notably on the “Pure Monate Show”,

He hosted his own comedy game show “Is That A Fact?” and has become a regular on Comedy Central in various roles, including having two of his own specials.

He’s also worked at close to ONE THOUSAND corporate functions as an MC, entertainer, facilitator, celebrity chef or team-building leader. These include everything from golf days to conferences and product launches to basically anything you can think of.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Chris is sure to be at the forefront of the South African comedy scene for at least the next 20 years as well.

Recently, Chris has developed his own line of sauces and spices under the banner Cuisine by Chris Forrest with his bacon jam coming in as a firm favourite. He also regularly hosts cooking demos and cook-a-longs for corporate events and stars in the gastronomic theatre show ‘Don’t Burn Your Sausage’ with renowned chef Pete Goffe-Wood.