Braam Malherbe

This Cape Town based extreme adventurer is a committed conservationist, motivational speaker, TV presenter and author of ‘The Great Run’.

As one of the world’s extreme athletes, Malherbe has achieved a myriad of extraordinary feats:

  • Great Wall of China – ran the distance of the entire wall (4 218 km) at a pace of a full marathon(43km) a day for 98 days. The beneficiary of this remarkable feat was ‘Operation Smile’ for which over R2.5 million was raised to provide corrective surgery for 58 children who were born with cleft lips or palate disfigurements.
  • Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro. Braam rowed a 6-metre boat 8100 kms. in 98 days (2 hours on, 2 hours off – 24/7. This expedition was to launch his #DOT app to encourage the public to (Do One Thing) to make a positive difference for our planet in order to fast forward environmental action.
  • He ran the entire coastline of South Africa – from Namibia to Mozambique – running a distance of over 3 200 km, covering an average of 43 km a day; from the funds raise during the run, 1 700 children have undergone life-changing surgeries.
  • The centenary (2011/2012) Scott/Amundsen Race to the South Pole. Braam represented South Africa in the 888 km unassisted ski race at a temperature of minus 45 degrees C.

Braam Malherbe is a riveting and highly entertaining motivational speaker. He shares lessons on courage, leadership, teamwork and purpose. He lives by the saying “nothing is impossible”.


  • has spoken to over 30 000 primary and high school students across South Africa in his effort to encourage all those he meets to become an asset to the planet
  • is an Honorary Ranger for South African National Parks and as a conservationist, has been involved in rhino anti-poaching encounters to ultimately save our rhinos from extinction
  • makes it his life mission to fight environmental irresponsibility and the destruction of our natural resources.
  • co-founded the Table Mountain National Park Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) and sat on their board as CEO for six years. He has also fought countless fires with the unit since 2006
  • has been and will continue to be a regular presenter on the television programme 50/50 and has been contracted to present his own nature series
  • is a director for ‘Accountability Now’ in South Africa, where he represents issues that threaten our natural environment
  • is an ambassador for many worthy causes including Woolworths’ MySchoolMyVillageMyPlanet, Operation Smile SA, WESSA (Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa) and the Amy Biehl Foundation
  • is a winner of SABC3’s Enviropaedia Eco Logic Award in the category ‘Eco Warrior’.

Braam Malherbe continues to be one of the most influential names in extreme sporting and motivational change. Through his talks and single-minded determination and tenacity, standing ovations a regular acknowledgement of his ‘never-give-up approach to life.
gory ‘Eco Warrior in 2012’.