Luvuyo Rani

Luvuyo Rani is both a visionary and an award-winning entrepreneur.

The director of an award-winning Cape Town-based IT Services Company – with over forty branches – he has received many awards for his extraordinary work in providing access to technology.

He was named THE KPMG and Cape Times entrepreneur in 2007; in 2014, Luvuyo was honoured by the Junior Chamber International as one of the ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons in the World’ for his work in entrepreneurship and he was named the Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2016.

When he opened an Internet café in Khayelitsha, many people told him he was mad. Ten years later, with customers queuing up to make use of these precious resources, he has proved his doubters wrong.

After graduating from Cape Technikon with a National Diploma in Commercial Education, and a B Tech in Commercial Education a few years later, Rani started teaching accounting and entrepreneurship at a Khayelitsha high school while continuing to study a B Tech in Business Administration.

His company started out by selling refurbished computers and soon expanded to basic IT training and writing business profiles and plans for local businesses. And in the school’s 7 years, 20 000 students have completed the 6-month course and this year 1500 people have already enrolled.

“We know that there is a hunger for technology in townships and we want to feed this demand,” he adds. “My business partners and I have a vision that will see us opening up our centres in every township and rural area in South Africa”.

He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, plus has a BTech in Business Administration – Business Studies and a B Tech Degree in Commercial Education- Economics