Lionel Marumakoko

As business leaders navigate the accelerating VUCA environment, CEO’s must act decisively in an agile way and make decisions that will shape their businesses and the world for the years to come. Navigating this complex environment and taking bold decisions requires courage. The courage to wrestle with oneself, to unlearn and learn in order to continuously inspire your stakeholders to pursue bold goals, solve problems and create value.

Lionel will work with you to unleash your strengths and to counsel you on your growth journey – professionally and personally – so you can deliver outstanding outcomes for your stakeholders.

An action-oriented leader and coach, he bring real and practical advice tapping into his global experiences to help you manage the complexities be it market entry, change management, organisational transformation, stakeholder management, growing people and sustainability. He can be trusted to act as a thought-provoking sounding board for your business and personal growth strategies.


Lionel has honed his skills navigating the complexities that face today’s CEOs having coached, led and mentored in a multi-cultural environment and is able to tailor each keynote engagement to meet the client’s needs. Lionel can speak on a range of topics and some of his keynote speeches include;

  • The death of the average customer
  • Shoppers’ reassessment of “value“
  • Marketing to millennials in SSA
  • Companies need to focus on sustainability authentically
  • Fit for the Future -Transforming into a market-led organisation
  • Building Scale of Billion-dollar business in SSA
  • Category Leadership in SSA

Lionel speaks and mentors with the authority and confidence of a business leader who has been at the frontlines. He taps into his extensive knowledge of developing and executing strategy in emerging markets, leading global projects, driving transformation and managing people in complex environments. His distinct experiences span from the C-suites of Fortune 500 companies through to entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

As businesses form a view of their future in the “new normal”, they need curated actionable insights to help them embrace this new reality, solve problems and create value. C-suite leaders today seek more than mentoring and coaching, they are looking to go on a facilitative experience that enables them embrace and navigate the VUCA business landscape, all the while growing both personally and professionally.

Lionel has:

  • Managed businesses with revenues in excess of $1bn for a fortune 500 company.
  • Coached CEOs of US$ 600m+ businesses across Africa.
  • A European Communication Group on market entry strategies for Africa
  • The CEO of an African investment group on a 10X growth strategy
  • A telecommunications conglomerate on organization readiness for Advised Investor
  • Recruitment and business transformation for IPO performance
  • A Pan-African Insurer on shared services and structure optimization