Cameron Becker

Cameron Becker is a virtual conference producer, facilitator and consultant. He has been in the eventing industry for 9 years, working on events in multiple capacities.

He started his career as an events medic but soon found the opportunity to move onto the technical side of events production and then into experiential events with a strong emphasis on content.

His energy as a moderator is contagious while ensuring that the event remains engaging and interactive.

Cameron has facilitated, consulted and produced numerous virtual conferences.

Some of his notable achievements include his international experience having produced virtual events in 9 countries across the world in three languages; he directed the technical aspects of the virtual launch of Discovery Bank in the Free State and provided breakaway-room technology for the CCBSA launch conference.

He has produced or assisted with product launches, breakaway rooms, team-building, immersive conferences, year-end functions, and conferences.