Mi Casa

Mi Casa is one of South Africa’s most exciting and consistent success stories.

With a sonic uniqueness that has not only stood the test of time, but filled South African dance floors for the past decade, the band has gone from strength to strength with their Afro-Pop/House grooves and shown the world that nothing can keep positivity and a good formula down.

Now, ten years, countless awards and 5 albums later, the group has signed an international record deal with Afroforce1
Records and Universal Music Group, making them a priority act for their region.
The new album, released in July 2020 is entitled ‘We Made It’ and is a testament to a decade of raw pushing that
saw this self-made success story rise to the top.

Fired-up about dropping their 5th album at home, in the African continent and in Europe in 202, Mi Casa consists of the 3 original members and the line-up has never wavered. J’Something on vocals and guitar, Dr Duda on keys, programming and production and Mo T on trumpet. That’s the make-up the trio that emerged almost by accident through a jam session in a late night lounge in 2011.

With buckets of organic chemistry, the guys swiftly got down to recording what would go down in history as one of the bigger ‘dance’ records from the country – the self-titled ‘Mi Casa’. The single that saw them being catapulted to almost overnight fame, ‘These Streets’, gave the guys a fast taste of what their futures would hold.

With a Portuguese/English background and being pretty comfortable in certain local vernacular, J’Something has emerged as one of the most accessible front men in SA. With his language diversity, charismatic personality and flawless vocal range, he seamlessly draws an audience in and holds them in the palm of his hand during performances.

The on-point formula from Dr Duda’s production has kept the hits fresh as tracks like ‘Heavenly
Sent’, ‘Jika’, ‘Toca’, and ‘Nana’ reaching tops of charts and setting dancefloors alight.
Through an unflappable work ethic, relentless touring, unforgettable nights cleaning-up at the
South African Music Awards (SAMA’s), The Metro FM Awards and the MTV Africa Awards, a host
of collabs, international support shows and even a performance for Barack Obama, the guys have
managed to take their simple love of music to heights they never dreamed imaginable.
And it truly feels like this, their 5th album, is a culmination of all that hard work and focus.
Aptly titled, We Made It makes J’Something beam with happiness and speak about it as if it’s his
newborn child.

Their ‘DECADE OF GROOVE’ has produced:

  • 2011 “Mi Casa”
  • 2013 “Su Casa”
  • 2015 “Home Sweet Home”
  • 2017 “Familia”
  • 2020 “:We Made It”