Mark Banks

Mark Banks is one of the most recognised and respected comedians of his time.

In over 25 years of comedy, Mark boasts at least one new one-man show each year for which he writes and performs all the material himself.  Since his acclaimed introduction to the world of comedy, Mark has continuously played to packed houses nationwide.

Widely recognised for his political satire and commonplace poke at the rich and famous, nothing and no-one is safe from Mark’s blatant humour. 

He says that the reason behind the silliness is that “it’s easier to look at the other side of things that don’t have another side – and if they don’t have one, invent one.

His constant banter and uncontained one-liners have earned him on-going praise when MC’ing award ceremonies, corporate functions, banquets and conferences.”

Among the numerous side-splitting performances Mark has staged, his first one-man show “Stars of South Africa” received critical reviews, as well as the utterly memorable “We’re Not On Top’ We’re Inside,” of which he claims won the prestigious Epol Late Entry Award at the Gilooly’s Farm Dog Show.

Other One Man Shows, include the brilliantly titled content-based ‘Ek’s ‘n Doos from South Africa’ (pronounced Exodus). Loosely translated, it pokes fun at locals living abroad, and is a raucous laugh a minute as well as ‘Laughing all the way to the Banks” to name but a few!

Mark was one of the cast members who performed with the ‘Bafunny Bafunny’ tour, whose line-up included many of the top comedians in South Africa.  They performed at the prestigious ROYAL ALBERT HALL in LONDON.

He was part of the sold-out ‘Mass Hysteria’ show, hosted ‘Banksrupt’ all over South Africa to rave-reviews and has been seen in the ‘Kings & Queens of Comedy’ performances.

In 2014 Mark was honoured by his peers in the comedy industry as the ‘Lifetime Achiever’ recipient at The 4th Annual Savanna Comics Choice Awards.