Nic Haralambous

Nic gave his first public talk at the age of 17 in front of a thousand people, one of whom was the late Nelson Mandela. His love of speaking and making his point to an audience has never left him, but his comfort on a stage translated into an ability to create interest in whatever he was working on, and that interest led him into the field of startups and the raising of funding to create innovative and disruptive businesses.

He taught himself to code at the age of 11, built his first website at 12, and started his first business when he was 16. His entrepreneurial career spans twenty years and includes three successful business exits in the past decade. He has a lifetime of startup lessons learned through failure and success over an intense and exciting career as an entrepreneur.

These lessons alongside his voracious curiosity and a fanatical obsession with startups – and the people who build them – give Nic a unique perspective on innovation, resilience, agility, and how to build entrepreneurial businesses, no matter the size of the organisation.

His speaking career spans more than a decade and includes speaking events across the world including SXSW in Austen, the Rutberg Conference in London, events for Standard Bank, Vodacom, Old Mutual, Liberty, Sasfin, Columbia Business School, Nedbank, and many other global organisations. Nic is comfortable presenting both digitally and in-person, in a studio, or in front of your team.

The latest talks from this intensely curious and obsessive presenter are:

  • Creating a curious company (Out-Perform, Out-Manoeuvre and Out-Think Your Competitors)
  • Necessity Breeds Innovation (Finding disruption in the most unexpected places
  • The Unexpected Magic in the Mundane (Discover the companies that make magic feel normal)
  • Unleash your Side-Hustle (Overcome your fears and control your financial future)