Caitlyn de Beer

Caitlyn is a South African best-selling author, life coach, motivational speaker and podcast host. Prior to that she was a University Psychology lecturer.

She has published 2 books, the first of which, Walk Out on the Water has sold just under 10 000 copies.

With her honours degree in Clinical Psychology, this sought-after speaker addresses corporate conferences and women’s events around South Africa. As a Life Coach, Caitlyn has had the privilege of coaching more than 600 women, from over 13 countries worldwide.

Caitlyn is also the CEO of the Bridging Gaps foundation; which is best known for its ‘Pass the Panties’ initiative whose aim is to restore dignity to the schoolgirls of the Valley of 1000 Hills in KZN. She does this by inspiring audiences, and more privileged schools around the country, to donate new underwear and or pads to those who need them most. The current goal for ‘Pass the Panties’ for 2023 is to gather 50 000 new pairs of panties and distribute these to the 25 000 school girls in the Valley of 1000 Hills. These deliveries include a talk by Caitlyn to the respective schoolgirls and usually include the distribution of re-usable sanitary pads too.

Caitlyn’s road to success has not been a straight one, and not has it been without several speedbumps, but as she says, “but my journey has taken-in many a beautiful experience in the pursuit of true fulfilment in addition to many memorable achievements.

Caitlyn recently endured 4 years of living with chronic nerve pain and mostly bedridden, with little to no medical explanation, It was on and through this difficult path that Caitlyn published her first two books and her journey is the inspiration behind the novel she is currently working on entitled ‘Girl, It’s Time’ which is also the name of her latest talk.

When Caitlyn is not inspiring individuals to live full and inspiring lives, you can find her living an active life with her husband and 2 young kids or at their beach house on the coast, which feeds her soul.