Tstitsi Chiumya

Tsitsi Chiumya is a multi-award winning South African comedian and writer whose quick wit, charisma and gentle style of comedy has earned him a place among South Africa’s newest and obviously talented comedians.

He’s performed alongside industry greats and was featured prominently on ‘Trevor Noah presents NationWild’ (as seen on Showmax) and on ‘The Arts Hour on BBC World Service’ with Nikki Bedi. He also features on VICE’s ‘How To Crew’, sharing interesting ways in which comedy has allowed him to open up to people.

He has toured and performed around the world, including shows in Belgium, Germany, Zambia, USA and across Southeast Asia, where he discovered his favourite country – Singapore.

As a multipotentialite who never shies away from a challenge, Tsitsi regularly features on South African regional radio station YFM where he gets to share his highly-relatable opinions.

Following his first one-man show ‘So Naïve’, Tsitsi brings us his second show, ‘Breadwinner’. It a show about the misadventures of being a newly-minted adult. In this special, he shares his hilarious observations about the process of exploring the misguided zeal for life that comes with growing up, and finally feeling ready for all life has to throw at you.